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Technibelt specialises in the design and manufacture of equestrian stabling (individual indoor or outdoor stables and shelters), as well as in protecting the horse via rubber padding or matting.

- Technibelt, a company created by Jacques Maupiler in 1993 in Normandy, the primary horse-breeding region of France, is located in Argentan in the county of the Orne (no. 61).  The Company lends its know-how and experience for commercialising its stabling and barns to professionals from the equine sector (breeders and veterinarians), as well as coach-builders (lorry and horse-box protections)

Protection and comfort for the horse, safety for users.
The well-being of the horse being at the heart of our preoccupations, we strive to increase its comfort and safety at all times during its lifetime.  Our equestrian equipment solutions are entirely thought-out and designed for the well-being of the horse.  Technibelt endeavours to respond to the needs and demands of professionals from the equine sector, crafting tailor-made, quality and easy-care products.

Our Made-in-France designs are a guarantee of excellence, at the service of horse comforts!

Stable designer and manufacturer
Technibelt is the most popular supplier of Normandy breeders, not only for stabling facilities, but also for the manufacture of individual stables, rubber protections for horses (stable padding, turtle matting, etc.) and indoor or outdoor stabling designs.

Show-jumping equipment
For your show-jumping course, our rubber rivers, bidets and pole protections are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of both the rider and the horse.

Technibelt, the European leader in the manufacture of dummies for the collection of semen
Jacques Maupiler’s constant passion for the equestrian world goaded him into devising specific equipment for the comfort of the horse.  “In our family, the horse runs in our genes!  I improved a rubber-covered semen-collection dummy for the AI centres of the National Stud.  A softer, but also more resistant semen-collection dummy.  Over the years, in collaboration with veterinarians and breeders, this very specific equipment has been constantly improved.  We now propose five models adapted to different types of stallions and have become the European leader in semen-collection dummies.

Take a trip around our Website to discover all our innovations at the service of a horse’s well-being, and feel free to contact us should you require assistance!