Hay rack with rubber-strip head passage

  • Reference : 2130060

Hay rack with straight 3-fold strengthened rubber-strip head passages.

Advantage: the supple rubber strips help preserve the animal's cervical vertebrae


·         Width 300 mm; height 1800 mm; head passage: width 310 mm
·         Tension from upper part on Ø 70 x 3 tubing
·         Fixed on lower part using spit fittings on profile (L 70 x 50 mm)
·         Consolidated via Ø42 tubing: 2 per strip
·         (Delivery possible in kit form or partially pre-mounted)

Choice of base: 

·         Low wall,
·         With double-feeder chassis, or
·         Plywood

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tailor-made manufacture and fitting


sturdiness & safety